Cyprus Sunshine Epic 2020

Cyprus Sunshine Cup is one of the most historical mountain bike races in the world and in 2020 it is about to enter a new era!

Following 23 years of continuous evolution and growth the organising team wishes to give a new, upgraded image to this authentic mountain biking race, which has been taking place in the mountain ranges of Cyprus since 1997.

From 2020 onward, the race will be called Cyprus Sunshine Epic, emphasizing on the history of the race as well as the difficulty of the routes and the challenge that the participants face in their efforts to complete the race.

Beyond the change in the name of the race, we also change its character since the athletes will now compete in teams of two and not individually. The team classification is, at last, a common practice in the world of mountain biking.

What will not change in Cyprus Sunshine Epic is the beautiful routes of the mountain range of Larnaca and the unique atmosphere and hospitality, owed to the participants and the organizers of the race. All the above, together with the Cypriot culture, traditions and hospitality are some of the ingredients that make the race such an authentic mountain biking experience for the participants.

In the 23 years of the race, many of the world's biggest names in the sport have competed and have spoken highly about the race, the tracks and the Larnaca mountain range and the ideal conditions Cyprus offers for mountain biking.

To name a few: Jaroslav Kulhavy, Gunn Rita Dahle Flesjia, Jolanda Neff, Sabine Spitz, Annika Langvad, Anna Van Der Breggen, Jan Skarnitzl, Howard Grotts, Lars Forster, Manuel Fumic and Ondrej Cink are among the athletes who have the Cyprus Sunshine Epic in their yearly racing calendar.  They view it as the best opportunity for training in ideal weather conditions and in demanding but still improbable and scenic routes.

One of the greatest stars in World Cycling, the Dutchman Mathieu Van der Poel had stated after winning the second stage of the race in 2017, "It was the most beautiful two hours I ever spent on the bike"!

At Cyprus Sunshine Epic, amateur riders have the chance to live the unique experience of cycling shoulder by shoulder with the biggest names of mountain biking, world champions and Olympians, who gather in Cyprus every end of February, making this celebration of mountain-biking an experience not to be missed!

More info ot at the event’s facebook page