Routes 2022

Hof Carmel regional municipality, the place where Bara Epic Israel was born.
Our route planners were very excited toward this year's edition, "It's like a reunion with your first love".
Be Ready for an amazing experience.

Length- 36 km
Elevation - 100 m
Cut off time- 3H

From the first pedal stroke after riders leave the start ramp, they will ride alongside the Mediterranean Sea through beautiful flat farmland roads, then the marking will lead them to some paved bike trails in Caesarea, to the monumental Caesarea old port, which is an historic national nature reserve.
The riders will enjoy going through 2600 years of history, stone trails paved 300 B.C.E on to Herod the Great arcs, till modern times restoration of the amazing roman Hippodrome.
From there riders will be led back north to Nachsholim race village to the end of the first racing day.

Stage 1
Distance – 111 km
Elevation – 1200 m
Cut off time - 10H

The queen stage
A rolling start from the most beautiful start lane of BARA EPIC ISRAEL ever had, will lead the field to open fast (and probably dusty) start to an old dam from the Ottomans' empire time, to an under-road pass to the first short but steep climb, that will spread the field before entering a 6 km of a bit more fun park trails that combine double treks and short sections of single trails.
From around km 50 the riders will enter a 10 km of very fun, flowy, fast and mostly in shade single trail.
A 20 km of forest trails combined with short sections of single trails, that gradually will tern into farm land roads, will take the field back to the "big plains", and from that point all the big gear lovers will get into an aerodynamic position with their partner on their wheel and fly back to the finish line. 
Stage 2:
Distance – 78 KM
Elevation – 1300 m
Cut off time – 9.5H

The queen stage title was already taken, so take a bow for the "King stage".
Don’t let the numbers deceive you, prepare your selves for an amazing ride that the cold beer that will be waiting for you at the finish, will be well deserved.
This stage will take the bunch for a trip on all the variety of trails MT Carmel has to offer.
A rolling start will lead the riders to off road trails through banana plantations, a typical grow in this part of Israel, until they will reach to the bottom of the first massive climb of the day. The climb will start at around 17 km.
The climb is mostly with good traction, but you can expect some loose parts especially toward it's end. From the top try to remember to look west and hopefully you'll be fueled from the beautiful cost line and the Mediterranean Sea.
Then the marks will lead to a fast downhill that part of it marked with justified warning red arrows and another part will favor those who chose high volume tiers, make sure you choose your line carefully.  
The second half of the stage riders will spend most of their time on a long flowy single trail with a lot of ups and downs which are very fun when you are fresh, some steep, loose and rocky sections, and maybe a few short 'hike a bike' sections. it will be a bit like harvesting, you are bound to be stung to enjoy the sweetness.  
The last section is a few more flat kilometers hopefully with tail wind, will fly you back to the warming hugs of the finish line and the race village.
Stage 3
Distance – 53.5 km
Ascent – 780 m
Cut off time – 5.5H

The last stage is the cherry on the top of the pie.
 Most fun and rewarding of them all.
Close your eyes and imagine the best weekend ride, when our routes designers close their eyes they came up with this third stage.
We hope we managed to meet your dreams. 
Fast start will take the field to a loose climb that accumulate it's height gradually with short breaks.
Then the riders will enter a great single trail that will make them work but hopefully will also make them smile till the finish line.