Updates and Riders' Info 2021

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Dear Riders and Friends! This is the ALMOST THE L A S T Riders’ Info before the Big start next Wednesday.
In this Riders' Info we will share with you the final details that you should pay careful attention to - Some are related to logistics and some will directly influence your success in this challenge.
The riders and team managers briefing for the Prologue will be held at the chill out in the race village in Tuesday 5/10 18:00.
Riders who only arrive on Wednesday, can watch it live on Facebook.
The challenge is planned to be tough but possible. Not everyone will be a Finisher.
This year we are going to be strict with the time limits and the criteria for earning the Finisher Jersey and Medal.
Spectator Guide
Please invite your love ones, neighbors, friends, bosses…. all the people you know to get excited and be part of the event.
Come to cheer and support the best riders from Israel and around the world, be a part of the race and get excited by the competition!
One of the main goals of the Bara Epic Israel production, in collaboration with KKL-JNF, is to create an experiential leisure culture of cycling combined with the love for nature and the outdoors. You’ll be accompanying the race all the way from the minutes before the start, through the spectator points throughout the route (information below), to the nerve-wracking finish of each stage at the race village.
An experience that will sweep you away is guaranteed as you take part in one of the world's most special sporting events, while traveling the many beautiful points along the route.
This year, some of the best riders of the world (over 80 pros) will stand on the start line, shoulder to shoulder with the best and the bravest of the Israeli riders' community.  
To the Spectator Guide
Important! Please Complete the registration process in the Race Village:
The race village is located at Mateh Asher regional council's grounds.
  • On arrival at the race village all the riders must complete the registration process.
  • The registration in the race village will also be open on Tuesday 5/10 between 16:00-19:00 for anyone who prefers to complete his registration on the evening before the race. (Not only for riders who will be staying in the race village).
  • On Wednesday morning, the registration will open between 10:00-13:00.
Please park only in the designated area. You will be guided where to park.
Do not park anywhere else, or you will block the route!!
Pre-race package
Check-In for those who purchased the pre-race package is between 14:00-21:00.
Dinner for riders who purchased the pre-race package will be in Aqueduct hotel dining room, regardless of where you stay.
Breakfast will be served at your specific accommodation.
Prologue day:
On Wednesday morning registration will be open from 10:00-13:00.
No registration will be available after 13:00.
You must come, sign on a disclaimer and get your riders' race kit.
Signing-in at the registration is compulsory. (Also, for those who collected their rider's bag in the early collection)
UCI riders must present their UCI card.
Check-In for the hotel rooms on Wednesday will be at 12:00.
Prologue starts:
At the beginning of next week, the start times will be published on our website.
Each team should arrive at the start area 15 min prior to the start time.
The starts will take place from 13:30 onwards, every 30 Sec.

This year we will have a roller's  warm-up area powered by Garmin-Tacx.

If a team fails to be on time, they will be allowed to start at a later time based on the commissiar’s judgment. Their race time however, will be counted from the time originally designated to them.
The time of the prologue counts towards the overall time of the race and will establish your placement for the 1st stage.
Rider Hand band and Tags
In your rider race bag, you have a rider rider tag and you will get during registration a rider's hand band with your rider number. You must wear this bracelet from the first day until the end of the race.
Only the hand band and the rider tag together, will allow you to use the race facilities.
 Stage graph
For your convenience, every stage has a sticker that you can stick on the TopTube close to the Stem with distances to the feed zones and details of the climbing profile.
(At the end of every stage you can use the sticker to get free beer at Hagibor’s beer area).
1st, 2nd and 3rd Stage stickers will be given to you in the TREK tent in the expo in the race village until 18:00.
Riders who would like to spend the afternoon in the race village (After the stage) can bring to the race village a small bag that will be kept in a safe place, with towel and cloths to change and bathing suit if you would like, that way you will be able to enjoy everything we prepared for you.
For your convenience, in the race village will be showers, Ice baths, cool chill-out zone where lunch will be served, Hagobor beer, shakes, coffee and more surprises.
Family Happening on Saturday 9/10
During the first days of the race, the race village is planned in such a way to give you and your families the most pleasant experience.
In addition, this year we have added a printed spectator guide to the rider’s bag. Your families can follow you and enjoy the experience with you.
A lunch buffet, live coffee house, chill out zones and a big open area for the young supporters who still have some energy left after all their cheering.

From 10:00 on Saturday everybody is invited to the race village to enjoy the Finishers celebration, all the Finishers will get their Finisher medal and Jersey.
Closing ceremony will be at the race village at 12:00.
We are happy to assist in any matter:  contact@epicisrael.org.il
For further innformation: www.epicisrael.org.il
See you on our start line 6/10/2/1
Bara Epic Israel team

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Dear riders,
From one Riders' info to another, the event is getting closer; we hope you are far along your training schedule and are happy with the progress.
In this Riders' Info, we have important information for preparing even better and information on the final arrangements before we meet at the start line:
  • Rider’s Race Bag
  • Feed zones powered by GU
  • Riders' Schedule
  • Start list
  • Who to watch – Favorites to win in all 6 categories
  • Greetings for " The Treasures of the Galilee Team"
  • Special Offer from Bara Herbs.
Rider Race Bag:
For your convenience, between  September 26th to October 1st ,  you can collect the rider's race bag at one of the 7 locations of TREK Israel throughout the country, according to the location you selected at the time of registration.
Pay attention that September 27th  is holiday and the shops will be closed, on September26th is a short day Shops are open until 14:00 pm. 
  1. Trek Tel Aviv
  2. Trek Kadima
  3. Trek Karkur
  4. Trek Haifa
  5. Trek Mishmar Haemek
  6. Trek Ashdod
  7. Trek Ein Hamifratz
The rider's race bag is personal, by name and ID only; You cannot exchange race bags between riders.
A rider can only collect the race bag to himself and to his race partner. No proxy pickup is allowed.
Rider's race bags that will not be collected between September 26th to October 1st or were chosen to be picked in the race village will wait for you at the race village at the registration desk during registration times.
Rider's Race Bag include:
 It is important that all the content of the envelope inside the race bag will arrive to the race!!
  1. Rider number + Back number.
  2. Personal rider tag – Please wear when not riding - it allows you to use the hotel facilities (dining room, lobby, pool etc).
  3. Lunch voucher (one for each day).
  4. Stage Graph sticker for the 1st stage, to stick on the top tube (every day the sticker will help you through the stage), the rest of the stickers will be collected by you at the Trek Expo area. After the closing hours of the Expo, the sticker graphs will be available at the race information desk at the Aqueduct hotel desk.At the end of every stage you can use the sticker to collect your first beer for free with compliments of Hgibor beer.
  5. 4 Face masks, one for each day, don't forget to use them in the race village.
  6. Race T-Shirt – special 2nd Crusaders Galilee edition.
  7. Vouchers for TREK shops – 50 NIS.
  8. Voucher for Magnesuin in Bara expo tent
  9. REDSKIN cream of Moraz to avoid saddle rashes.
        Many more cool surprises!
Feed Zones
Three feed zones will wait for you every day along the route and another at the finish line in the race village.
The distance between each Feed Zone in KM will be shown on the stages graph stickers which you will get in your rider's bag. It is recommended to fix the sticker on the top tube close to the stem.
At each Feed Zone during the stage, you will find - powered by GU :
  • Water
  • GU isotonic drink
  • GU gels
  • Galil Banans
  • Pretzels
Here is a link to the WHO TO WATCH – the podium candidates across all categories.
Riders' Schedule
Please pay attention that registration on Wednesday October 6th is between 10:00-13:00.
The Prologue starts at 13:30.
Prologue times will be published on October 3rd.
Greetings from the Treasures of the Galilee Team:
Dear Cyclists,
 We welcome you to your participation in the EPIC Israel race which will take place in the Western Galilee.
While you are training for the race, we invite you to enter the “Treasures of the Galilee” website founded and headed by Raya Strauss Ben Dror.
On the website you will find everything you will wish to do with your leisure time between your training exercises and also during your training: accommodation, restaurants, bars, pubs, wineries, breweries, tourism attractions and of course cycling routes.
We wish you successful training and enjoyment from our beautiful Western Galilee.
 The Treasures of the Galilee Team – Spirit of the Galilee
We want to wish you again good luck and invite your families to join us for the cheering parties we will have along the course, starting with a great one at Akko Knights' Halls on Wednesday afternoon.
 We are very excited and want to wish you great and safe training,
Good Luck to us all,
Bara Epic Israel Team.

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Dear Bara Epic Israel riders,
We are less than two months before the start of the 8th edition of Bara Epic Israel.
All of us have a lot of preparation to do in order to be ready for the challenge in the highest level.
In this Riders' Info there are some details that will help all of us with preparation toward the start line:
  • Custom Designed Team Kit for Bara Epic Israel from Jinga
  • SHIMANO – the official technical support - Technical assistance during the race.
  • Joe's No Flats - The official bike care products partner service area.
  • Massage and Pre race packages – last call
  • Special offers for all participants – Moraz, Compex, Source
Technical support during Bara Epic Israel powered by Trek 2021:
For the 8th year Shimano Israel is the official technical partner of Bara Epic Israel,
and will provide technical and mechanical support throughout the event.
Technical support will be available during the stage along the course and in the race village.
During a stage
Every day during the stages, there will be 3 feed zones where technical support will be available.
Two secondary stations for self-use and repair (tires, tubes),
w/o technical support from SHIMANO mechanics.
The main mechanical support station:
At every stage will be fully equipped (shifters, derailleur etc.)
and assistance provided by an expert SHIMANO mechanic
In the race village -
In the race village, a fully equipped technical station with will be available.
You can get assistance between stages to prepare your bikes for the next day’s challenge.
At all technical stations, basic parts will be free of charge.
More expensive parts from a certain price level will be charged for.
Technical Assistance for UCI riders:
Special and further instructions will be sent separately for UCI riders about assistance and UCI boxes.
You can find here more information: https://www.epicisrael.org.il/?section=294
Joe's No flats - The official bike care products partner  - service and support area
Joe's No flats will be available for you in 3 places in the race village:
  • Tubeless technical support – you can renew your tubeless slime if needed.
  • Washing area – with Joe's lubricants and washing products.
  • Expo tent – complete your gear and more surprises.
 Joe's No flats team will be happy to service and pleasure you with all their goods.

Custom Designed Team Kit for bara Epic Israel from Jinga
Special offer for Bara Epic Israel riders, you can pre-order a self-designed rider Jersey.
You can add a team name/ Logo.
All the details and designs in Jinga website: https://www.jingaclothing.com/product-page/team-work-jersey
Must be ordered before the 19th of August.

For our international riders that would like to purchase the bib or the jersey please contact Jinga at: office@jingaclothing.com

Official Bara Epic Israel Kit
 2021 Epic Jersey and Bib
You can purchase the 2021 non official cool Bara Epic Israel jersey and a Bib to complete you set also with the Finisher jersey.
Great designs and amazing Italian fabric.
Special design and offer for Bara Epic Israel participants.
You can pre-order the kit or one of its parts until the 19th of August and your Kit will be at the race village.
For our international riders that would like to purchase the bib or Jersey please contact Jinga at: office@jingaclothing.com
Have a look at the designs:
More Merchandise from Jinga:
Amazing cool casual Bara Epic Israel vest that will keep you cozy and warm, available to order until the 19th of August:
Bara Epic Israel socks – special pre order sale.
Special technology for evaporation when riding in warm weather
Available for purchase from the 25th of August

For our international riders that would like to purchase please contact Jinga at: office@jingaclothing.com
Last call:
Massage packages (half an hour massage after Thursday and Friday stages)
and Pre race packages are available for purchase.
There are a limited number of packages and available for purchase until the 14/9
You can purchase the Massage package from your personal area or in the following link after you have connected to your personal area.
15% additional discount on existing discount for Moraz REDSKIN, available for purchase until the 30.9
Code Coupon: BIKE15
Special offer for Bara Epic Israel riders.
10% Discount when purchasing Compex product, Compex will help you with pain relief, strengthening and recovery.
Coupon code: epic10
15% off any product
Coupon code: epic
Available until the 20th of September
We will be happy to assist via email for any matter:  contact@epicisrael.org.il
Our website www.epicisrael.org.il
Good luck to all
Bara Epic Israel team

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Dear Riders and friends,
2021 Here we come!

Now that the Covid-19 numbers in Israel are going down, we are happy to update you with our plans for the 2nd Western Galilee edition of Bara Epic Israel.
The dates of Bara Epic Israel powered by Trek: 6-9/10/2021.
Registration will open mid-April and will close at the end of May.
Before opening the registration, we will send some more updates about registration packages and more things to come.

Of course, it is still too early to share the full details about this year's routes, but we can definitely say it will be the best routes ever.
We say it every year, but this year it is really true.
2nd year in the same location forces the route planners to think out of the box.
It allows us to dream big, to fulfill fantasies and to create dream routes.


We want to thank and cherish our main sponsors that are behind us, even in these difficult times.
Bara herbs – Epic Israel title sponsor for 2021
Bara herbs is an Israeli company that manufacture great medical herbs.
They have a whole section of sport supplements among other products that made out of herbs as - Iron, Magnesium, Vitamin C, D and Superfood and more.
In the next Riders' Info, we will give more information about the benefits with the usage of superfood for athletes - recovery, immune system and enhancing performance.

Partnership the is getting greater each year, KKL-JNF in addition to greatly support Bara Epic Israel and sports events in Israel, makes the Israeli forests heaven for MTB riders for professional and amateur riders.
We are happy for another year being Powered By Trek
CTC, the importers of Trek Bicycles in Israel, are supporting Bara Epic Israel for the 8th year and are a huge part of the event.
We greatly thank you.


2021 Edition will take place in the western Galilee as was planned in 2020.
We are happy to be hosted one more year by the Mate Asher Regional Council as part of the great partnerships with the Western Galilee area, its municipalities and "Galilee treasures".
The race village will be built on the compounds of Matte Asher regional council and Aqueduct hotel.

We are happy to assist in any matter via email: contact@epicisrael.org.il
Good luck to us all
Bara Epic Israel team





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